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How to Survive Self-Isolation If You're an Extrovert

Nine Tips to Help You Stay Sane While Social Distancing These are strange times indeed. The hot new term this month was "social distancing", and though the thought of self-isolation can be unpleasant for anyone, it's especially difficult for extroverts: those of us who require social interaction as a necessary part of human existence. Let's be clear: when it comes to extroversion and introversion, everyone is a little bit of both and everyone can tap into different modes depending on the situation. But everyone also has a preferred method of operation which comes naturally, and I'm sure you know instinctively which you are. Extroverts, generally speaking, feel more comfortable in the company of others, tend to have large circles of friends or acquaintances, and are usually seen as sociable by others. Social distancing is the antithesis of how an extrovert functions. And now, to top it off, most parts of the world are requiring people to stay at home and seve