The snow makes the cold acceptable.

Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow! Snow snow? SNOW!

So it snowed in London last night. It started about 11pm, just in time for the Saturday night party-goers to get drenched with the first wave, which is always inevitably slush, before it sufficiently cools the ground and allows it to stick. Overnight it continued to pile up; the official reports say in places there was up to 4 inches of snow.

That may not seem like a lot to my friends back in wintry Wisconsin (though apparently there's not much snow there at the moment - very unseasonal) but in London, this is a BIG DEAL. Similar to the snow we had a few years ago that ground London to a halt, there are already reports of public transport being unable to cope. Apparently a few trains on the Underground stopped mid-station, and passengers had to disembark and walk to the next station.

Sorry, Londoners, but I laugh at you. Yes, I know that you don't have snow plows (which you strangely spell "ploughs" - which I think should be pronounced "ploffs") that clear roads or put down salt or grit for traction, but snow is amazing and wonderfully fun and can be enjoyed with enough care and common sense. If you drive in London, please be careful on the roads. You're not used to it!

I grew up in a place where winters are known to be cold, and I always used say to people that the cold was unbearable until it started snowing. I love the snow. After completing the finishing touches on my website, my fella and I went outdoors and played in the snow at 1am. It was amazing! The serenity of the late night, and the pristine, untouched snow were all ours. We made snow angels and funny tracks, and even a couple of snowmen on the hood of a neighbor's car (don't ask me whose).

So I'm glad it snowed. People have been complaining all week about the cold weather (Londoners will complain about any weather, though) and I couldn't really argue with them. But now that it's snowed, they can complain about the snow instead and I will not be fazed; I will remain in my private joy.


  1. Loved this blog about snow. The white stuff only becomes a news story in the UK, if London gets a few flakes. In the Scottish Highlands, they easily shrug off a few feet. Nesh southern softies in London ;-)

    I didn't realise it was "plow" in the USA. Plough said as "pluff" would be cute... however think how you pronounce "drought"! Ah yes, ough is one of English's glorious inconsistencies


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